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Book Project

Glass Ceilings: How Awareness-raising Campaigns Can Increase Political Diversity ~ from my doctoral thesis



Journal Articles

1) Why Mentoring Events Fail? An Experimental Study of The Effect of Mentoring Events Content on Women’s Political Ambitions (from my doctoral thesis; pre-print available from OSF website)

2) Who Are The Victims? Framing the Objectives of the Discourse Around Hate Crime and Hate Speech on Twitter (with Professor Anne Rasmussen, King’s College London; part of ERC’s ADVODID Project)

3) Why Mentoring Events Fail? Exploring the Conditioning Effect of Partisanship on Women’s Political Ambitions (from my doctoral thesis)

4) Will She Run? Observing the Effect of Information about Women’s Suitability for Politics on British Women’s Political Ambition (research letter - from my doctoral thesis)

5) The Role of Efficacy in Marginalized Groups’ Participation in Online Advocacy - A Field Experiment (with Professor Anne Rasmussen, King’s College London - ERC’s ADVODID Project Outcome)

6) Issues Proximity and Engagement with Advocacy: a Field Experiment to Study Representatives’ Engagement with Marginalised Issue (with Professor Anne Rasmussen, King’s College London - part of the ERC’s ADVODID Project)

7) Tipping Theory, LGBTQ+ Rights and Attitudes Change (with Professor Elias Dinas and Dr Vicente Valentim, University of Oxford and European University Institute)

8) The Villain Effect: How Negative Role Models Mobilise Women’s Political Participation Through Threat and Urgency 


Future Projects


  • From the Gender Pay Gap to the Gender Gap in Political Ambition (monograph)


  • Your First Short Manual on How to Embed Intersectionality in Research Methodology (manual)




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