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Book Project

Glass Ceilings: How Awareness-raising Campaigns and Attitudes Towards Gender Equality in Politics Can Increase Women’s Political Ambition ~ from my doctoral thesis





Journal Articles

Submitted for Review: Will She Run? Observing the Effect of Information about Women’s Suitability for Politics on British Women’s Political Ambition


Submitted for Review: Why me? I'm Not Like Them: A Theoretical Framework to Explain the Relationship Between Political Socialisation and the Political Ambition of Marginalised Groups



Working Paper (1): She Will Run! How the Content of Mentoring Events Moderates Role Model Effect on Women’s Political Ambition


Working Paper (2): The Barrier of Traditionalism: Role Model Effect of Women’s Political Representation in Rural and Urban Areas in Ireland (with Dr Lisa Keenan, Trinity College Dublin)



Work in Progress (1): Tipping Theory, LGBTQ+ Rights and Attitudes Change (with Professor Elias Dinas and Dr Vicente Valentim, University of Oxford and European University Institute)


Work in Progress (2): The Villain Effect: How Role Models Can Mobilise Women’s Political Participation Through Threat and Urgency


Work in Progress (3): Women’s Leadership Style and Electoral Success in the 2019 Irish General Elections (with Professor Gail McElroy, Trinity College Dublin)




Future Projects


  • From the Gender Pay Gap to the Gender Gap in Political Ambition (monograph)


  • Your First Short Manual on How to Embed Intersectionality in Research Methodology (manual)




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