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About Me

I earned a DPhil in Politics from the University of Oxford in March 2024. My research so far investigates strategies to increase public attention to marginalised interests, as well as marginalised groups' political engagement. I have worked with NGOs, non-profit and advocacy groups to study how they use awareness-raising campaigns to change attitudes and behaviours towards/of marginalised groups. Broadly speaking, I'm interested in campaigns advocating for the equality of women, gender and sexual minorities, ethnic minorities, religious minorities, individuals with disabilities, individuals with mental health conditions and the poor. In my research, I employ quantitative methods of causal inferences and experimental methods. I graduated cum laude from the University of Milan and I have an interdisciplinary background in sociology, communication, and of course, political science.


I care about the impact of my research on the real world; for this reason, I am keen to collaborate with businesses and organisations outside of academia interested in the theme of equality, diversity and inclusion. 

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